CBD for Muscle Recovery

How can our CBD help you recover after a hard sport session?

Sore muscles after a hard workout. Who does not know this feeling? You pushed yourself to the limit and now you feel the result of that. Somehow you feel good as you worked out, but the muscle ache paired with soreness is not the most desired effect of a workout. 

When you use a lot of strength, your muscles have to work harder than they are used to. This might lead to microscopic damage in the fibres of the muscle. It does not tend to hurt directly, the pain usually shows up after a day or two after the work-out. This is described as onset muscles soreness (DOMS)(1).


So how can CBD help me with that?

CBD oil can help to reduce the inflammation being caused by the damages in the fibres, mentioned above. Reducing this inflammation will help you reduce your muscle soreness and support you in your very individual recovery process.

In a Men's Health interview, personal trainer Tara, explained how CBD is helping her with the recovery from frequent sports sessions (3).

Several athletes who have tried our Better Flower CBD Oil shared their positive feedback about the effect. Ski Tourers, Kite Surfers, Trail Runners and CrossFitters all perform high-intensity workouts to expand their limits. We keep in close touch with them, as we are trying to analyze their performance while they are using our CBD oils.



How should I use CBD for recovery?

Studies suggest that in order to reach an optimal effect for your recovery from a sport session, you can use 5% CBD oil. From our experience, we would recommend beginners to take 2-3 drops just after your workout so you’ll be able to rest and help your body restore power. 

As mentioned above; the reduction of inflammation will lead to a better, faster and pleasant recovery after heavy workout sessions.

As all of us are individuals and our bodies react differently to CBD, we recommend to start with a lower dosage and adjust your best fit by time. Feel free to drop us a message, if you have further questions for your personal recommendation.


Better Flower muscle recovery - Pic 1


What is science saying?

The cannabinoids are binding to the CB2 receptors, which are found on immune cells in your body suggesting the fact that cannabinoids play an important role in the regulation of our immune system.

Your body might show inflammatory responses such as soreness because of your workout, therefore the CBD binds to the CB2 receptors and helps to regulate the reaction of your immune system(6).

According to a review of 132 studies from Frontiers in Neurology, it was conducted that CBD improves the mobility in people with Multiple Sclerosis (2). One of the main reliefs was caused by reducing the inflammation.

There are different studies explaining that cannabinoids downregulate the production of chemokine and cytokine and can upregulate T-regulatory cells (Tregs) as a mechanism to suppress inflammatory responses (4).



The CBD will help you with keeping that balance and response level. Sportswomen and sportsmen have become advocates of the positive effects. The balance of workout and recovery represent a key factor to improve your capabilities and performance, it will even support your general well-being.

Both recreational and competitive athletes have faced the outcomes of overtraining and the recovery phase which comes alongside that. Our aim is to reduce the chances of that state for everyone.



More info for our Pro-Athletes.

A heads-up for our professional athletes, if you are concerned about WADA rules? Don't worry. CBD has been removed from the list of illegal substances in 2018 by the World Anti-Doping Agency. Cannabidiol is rightfully being treated as an exempt (5).

That being said, we are looking forward to hearing about your experience, on your very personal challenge or competition. Let us know how Better Flower’s helped you in your activity. We will regularly inform you of the hottest news of science when it comes to CBD in sports. As this area of research is still very new in the business, we are hopeful about more data-driven content proving the positive impacts.


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 Posted 20.01.2021