Feel Better series - with Luis

Welcome to our series “Feel Better”, in which we ask people like you and me to share their experience with CBD.


For its first edition, we had the chance to meet Luis (30), who turned to CBD for the relief of the uncomfortable symptoms of chemotherapy.

His unexpected journey started in 2018 when he noticed that he was sweating a lot and that his lymph nodes were swollen. “After a few tests”, said Luis, “I was diagnosed with lymphoma and it had already spread.”


Lymphoma is a type of cancer that affects your lymph system, which appears throughout your entire body. Excess cells start to grow, spread through the system and ultimately cause damage. The body experiences immense havoc which can also lead to an array of other symptoms such as chronic pain, weight loss, fatigue and more.

The cancer had spread to his liver. There was no time to lose and he started the very same week of the diagnosis with chemotherapy. Everything went so fast, he said, and no one warned him about the side effects or how to handle them effectively. Since the first treatment, he was plagued with nausea, a loss of appetite and diarrhoea, insomnia accompanied by a huge dose of anxiety. The doctors prescribed him some vitamins, but they did not help with the side effects.

“I was desperate”, said Luis, “and started to take the recommended pharmaceutical medication - citrics against nausea, some pills to help me sleep and some others to stop the diarrhoea.” But taking all those pills, his liver started to strike.



“Stopping with the pills brought me back all the side effects of chemotherapy, I couldn’t accept that”, he told us. Luis started to search for a solution and shortly after his 4th session, someone connected him to a doctor and expert in the field of pain treatment, who told him about CBD. She explained to Luis everything he needed to know and so, took his fear and showed him where to find a high-quality oil. There is no prescribed dose when it comes to CBD as it can depend on many factors, including CBD tolerance, body weight, the type of CBD product being taken, and its concentration. That means that in the end, he had to find out for himself which amount of CBD worked the best for his symptoms.


After the 5th session of chemotherapy, Luis started taking an oil with 10% CBD. His family was sceptical at first, with CBD being a product of the cannabis plant. But after Luis explained the difference between the “pot that makes you high” and the non-psychoactive CBD, they agreed that it was worth a try. 


He quickly found relief: The pre-session anxiety and also the exhaustion he would usually feel after the session were not as intense as before. Over the next few weeks of consistent daily CBD consumption, he noticed the symptoms almost fading away. His parents could not disregard the immense improvement Luis experienced during those weeks and started buying oil for him.



After experimenting with different doses, he figured out that 2 drops 3 times a day were the optimal amount for him. “It was unbelievable! My life quality improved so much when I started taking CBD. I finally felt no more nausea, my insomnia issues faded away”, told us Luis, “and the best thing was, that I actually felt like eating again”. Together with the nausea the diarrhoea faded and his appetite returned, making him also all around less anxious.


CBD accompanied him through the next months and the 11 chemotherapy sessions he still had pending. The effects of the oil made the process a lot more bearable on the daily. No pain killers or pharmaceutical drugs, but a full-spectrum CBD Oil helped Luis feel the most “normal” possible during this tough time.


During his 6 months of treatment, he met many other cancer patients which he recommended the oil to. The doctors at the hospital had very little to no knowledge about CBD and its effects and were rather unsure about him recommending it. But Luis had to pass his discovery on. The patients who decided to try the oil were beyond thankful for the recommendation.



“I am really hoping that doctors will know more about the incredible effects of CBD in the future. It has totally changed my life during the treatment and I wish many other patients going through this will be able to benefit from it”, said Luis, who fully recovered from this disease. He told us about the change in his lifestyle. He started to eat healthier and never misses his preventative check-ups, just in case. 


Medical cannabis research has especially increased during the past decade paving the way for a more natural approach to the treatment of different ailments as well as pain and symptom relief for cancer patients. We are sure that knowledge about CBD and its usages and effects will be more widely spread throughout the medical professions, dissolving the fear which is so attached to the stigmatized cannabis plant. The fact that it offers such a relief during a severe illness should be enough reason for many doctors to educate themselves about it. 


Stay tuned for the next edition... 🤗

Photos by Backtoback