About Us

Our mission is to provide CBD products of the highest quality as an alternative to traditional pharmaceuticals and help more people experience the great benefits of CBD. Seems easy enough, but to find the right one that works, especially more than once or twice, is more complicated than you think.

CBD has been in our circle of friends and family for the last 6 years. We have tried many products for many different symptoms. Maximilian uses it against upcoming migraines, Franzi’s mom has arthritis in her hands and feet, which results in chronic pain, one of Bastian’s best friends had two hip surgeries and is suffering from chronic pain, another friend's grandmother has leucemia and is going through chemo. The list goes on. 

All of us together have tried many products and all had the same experience. Some worked at the beginning and relieved the symptoms we had but then the effect started to fade. Others had side effects like strong fatigue dragging through the next day. Others had no effect at all. That’s when we started the search for the CBD that works. And we found it!

After a year of research we realised that there are three key elements to create a reliable product that lives up to its promises. Choice of raw material, extraction process and carrier oil are critical. That is why we decided to use EU-Certified Cannabis Sativa grown in Switzerland, sustainably produced with fair working and product conditions. Extracted in a Swiss Lab under highest quality regulations using CO2, the purest, safest and most environmentally friendly of extraction methods. Organically grown Coconut serves as the base for our MCT carrier oil, which due to its high percentage of fat binds best with CBD and has the most effective release of CBD in the human body.

Transparency is important to us so we keep you up to date on the latest research, application methods, production process and correct dosage. With every oil sold we provide the Certificate of Analysis for its batch, tested in an independent laboratory.

We truly wish that you find back to your natural wellbeing with Better Flower. Relief your symptoms and let stress be bygones. We want it to work for you as it does for us, so, if you have any questions or doubts, contact us. One more thing; If you feel that the oil does not work for you, you will get your money back. 



"I started taking CBD to seek relief from migraines. My initial dose was 5-6 drops of 10% oil just when the migraine started. Now my routine is 3-4 drops in my morning coffee to have an ease of mind throughout the day." 


"7 years ago I tore my ACL. Now not being in my mid-20s anymore, I feel a stinging pain in my knee while running or  after a sudden weather change. I take 5 drops of 5% oil before every workout session. This helps me to have a quicker recovery and no pain in my knee."


"Working in the event sector, the last year felt like a rollercoaster. Finding myself doubting about my capacities and the insecurity of not knowing, when things might go back to "normal". The CBD Oil helped me to handle my anxiety, to focus on my wellbeing in general and has a pretty good taste, too. The 3-4 drops of our 10% Oil forms part of my morning routine- I take it every day.
A small heads up for the ladies... it helps me a lot with menstruation pain, too! "